The women featured in Lego's "Women of NASA" set are 1.5-inch-tall (4 cm) mini-figures of American astronauts Sally Ride (who died at 61 in 2012), Dr. Mae Jemison (60), the first African-American woman in space, astronomer Nancy Grace Roman (now 92) and computer scientist Margaret Hamilton (81).

This 231-piece toy for children 10-years-old and older features spaceships and gear, and will retail for $24.99. 

It will not include Katherine Johnson, the African-American NASA mathematician whose struggles were well-documented in "Hidden Figures," as announced in February. Lego could not obtain the rights to include Johnson's image for an undisclosed reason. An email to Lego was not returned.

The set was proposed by Lego fan Maia Weinstock in July 2016. The toy quickly received the 10,000 votes needed for the Danish toymaker to review it for production.

Another set, which could include all three of the "Hidden Figures" legends -- Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson, who were part of NASA's "team of human computers," has less than 200 votes. But it has little chance of going forward if Johnson's image is unavailable. The vote tally so far is a far cry from the 10,000 votes needed, with just 180 days left until the voting ends.

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