NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Disruption creates 10 times the opportunity to advance your organization and your career, said Peter Boni, author of All Hands on Deck and the former CEO of Safeguard Scientifics (SFE) - Get Report.

"Storms happen whether you like them or not," said Boni. "Some of them are self-induced, whether it be lack of planning or poor management. But sometimes stuff happens."

Boni begins All Hands on Deck with the true story of Massachusetts clipper ship Captain Josiah Nickerson Knowles who saved his crew and all but one passenger during not one but two shipwrecks in the Pacific. Boni follows with interviews of five prominent executives who were able to navigate difficulties and get their organizations onto solid ground.

As to why supposedly strong managers don't see impending storms, Boni replied it's not such a simple matter.

"You don't read about the ones that do see the storms and anticipate," said Boni. "You read about the ones that got whacked."

In the book, Boni introduces his 12-Step "Kedge-Off Process" for repositioning organizations in the face of dysfunction and adversity. The Process is divided into three phases: Hatch the Plan, Kick off the Plan and Execute the Plan. Most importantly, Boni suggests that leaders communicate progress and results to stay on track, and spread the rewards of wealth and recognition when things go your way.

As for the next generation of corporate leaders, Boni said leading companies will likely focus more on how a manager handled a problem than where he or she got an MBA.

"You are going to hear a lot less about convention and pedigree and a lot more about the ability to manage through difficulty," said Boni. "I encourage people to be the tested ship and get into a situation that has a little hair on it and comb that hair."