Is he hanging out at home with girlfriend Grimes watching '80s cartoons on Netflix (NFLX) - Get Netflix, Inc. (NFLX) Report ?

Is he sleeping on Tesla's (TSLA) - Get Tesla Inc Report manufacturing floor? Has he set up shop at a local high-priced eatery to welcome wealthy Saudis offering him money? Is he trying to win over a board full of Elon Musk fans? In short, where in the world is Elon Musk two days after his tweets about taking Tesla private?

Other than a few Twitter responses to his bestie Fred Lambert at Electrek (great auto publication), Musk has gone radio silent as Wall Street awaits a decision on a possible deal. That could mean Musk is getting ready to announce something more formally or he is trying to craft a plan to get out of the hot water he created for himself this week. Nevertheless, Musk has to step up this week and give the market certainty.

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Reported TheStreet's @JacobSonenshine: "If Musk's tweet isn't true, and the stock comes down, those who lost money could very well sue. As it stands, the price has come up since the tweet, and short-sellers are unhappy. The Securities and Exchange Commission will be looking to see what disclosures Tesla makes to determine whether there are issues of securities fraud, according to Columbia Law School professor John Coffee. "If the stock price were to fall either because there's a corrective disclosure or because people figure that no one has been approached by him {Musk} for financing, then you're able to satisfy a lot of causation," Coffee said. "The short-sellers will say those statements drove the price up. That's all they're going to have to show." It's unlikely financing could already have been secured for what would be roughly a $50 billion deal, Coffee said. "'Funding secured' is an objective factual statement that looks implausible given the great difficulty in lining up debt investors willing to fund 70% of a $70 billion or more record transaction," he said. 

Off the Record 

I attended an always insightful press lunch at the New York Federal Reserve on Wednesday afternoon. The guest of honor: new New York  Fed President John Williams. This was an off-the-record event so sorry hedge fund readers of 'Morning Jolt', I can't share anything from my almost two-hour note-taking session. But I will say this: It will be very interesting to watch how the Fed navigates a more inflationary backdrop in 2019.

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Hopped on the horn with Roku's (ROKU) - Get Roku, Inc. Class A Report Chief Financial Officer Steve Louden last night after the company's upbeat quarter and outlook. Came away positive (again) on the company's earnings potential. Again, the market is still underestimating how much money Roku could make inside the streaming content movement and as it scales its business up. "Not to talk about Amazon's trajectory, but certainly we can slow down investment in the business and that would pop some incremental margins to the bottom line. When eventually we gain more scale and when the investment in the business relatively declines, there is a lot of leverage in this business long-term," Louden said. The stock on Thursday could  retest an all-time high of $58.80 hit late last year. 

Quality Systems Inc. (QSII) , the $1.4 billion market cap company also known as Nextgen Healthcare, has seen its stock skyrocket more than 30% year to date. TheStreet's @TonyOwusu sat down with CEO Rusty Frantz at the Nasdaq to decode why the stock has been so hot.

Words of wisdom by Cramer over on Real Money: "Sometimes you gotta have faith: faith in Disney (DIS) - Get Walt Disney Company Report , faith in Cigna (CI) - Get Cigna Corporation Report and faith in CVS (CVS) - Get CVS Health Corporation Report . But you also have to be a little more skeptical, or at least skeptical about Elon Musk. Stocks are predicated on faith, but they have empirical underpinnings. The stocks I like here? I expect them to be higher a year from now. Why? Because their CEOs deserve the benefit of the doubt."

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