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We've Got Herb and Another Articles Elsewhere Contest!

We've Got Herb, Without the Peaches!

We've got Herb!

Herb Greenberg

is joining

! While this is a brilliant bonus for our readers, it is a sad day for

Articles Elsewhere

-- losing a favorite link. His farewell column can be found in today's

San Francisco Chronicle


U.S. Business

Hell no! Play-doh can't go!


(HAS) - Get Hasbro, Inc. Report

said that it plans to close its factory in Central Falls, R.I., that employs about 150 people. The factory is its main manufacturer of


TheStreet Recommends

. In the

Boston Globe


Now you can have a sweet tooth and a sweet stock. The

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

reports that


, a Milwaukee-based company "aimed at the gum-chewing, insect-loving, pre-12-year-old market," has filed a statement with the state

Division of Securities

to allow its stock to trade in Wisconsin.


Washington Post

reports that

US Airways

(U) - Get Unity Software, Inc. Report

will repurchase $1 billion in shares.


Chicago Tribune

also reports that



is expected to announce Wednesday that it will form a new business organization to leverage all the company's technology related to providing motorists with information.

Perhaps reasoning that the Midwest was just too pure for his tastes, Jay Sevigny, Midwest president for

Station Casinos

(STN) - Get Stantec Inc Report

, will join

Harrah's Entertainment


as its top executive in New Orleans. In the

Kansas City Star


Business Abroad


Times of London

reports that



formally relaunched the takeover battle for

The Energy Group

yesterday with a 4-billion-pound agreed bid.

According to Janet Bush of the

Times of London

, "America is the envy of the world. Britain comes a close second." In economic savvy, not dental work.



should move to Australia. The

Sydney Morning Herald

reports that ranchers are destroying the largest number of cattle since the 1970s because of poor returns, and lamb producers are also seeing their meat sales fall.

Tate & Lyle

saw its stock plunge yesterday as the company warned shareholders that profit growth is unlikely this year due to an outbreak of sugar beet disease in its operations in Nebraska. In the



Headlines You Would Never See in an American Newspaper, or Why Johnny Can't Read


Sydney Morning Herald

put great faith in the educational system of Australia when it printed this headline:

Six Degrees of Vituperation


Articles Elsewhere Updates!!!

Bill Gates

has mud -- no that would be custard -- on his face. Belgians greeted Bill Gates warmly with the traditional "custard pie-in-the-face" today in Brussels. For more insight into custard pies check out the

Pie Page

or a little bit of custard pie




Web site

reports that tart-tossing terrorist Noel Godin, a Belgian who has made a name for himself and a lucrative business out of hurling custard pies in the faces of the rich and famous, may be behind the baked-goods bombardment. Find out more about Noel through some links on


page. Or for those Deutschlanders in the crowd, check out an interview with the "Groucho-Marxisten und die Revolutionary 3 Stooges Brigade" in der



The Brits aren't willing to give the world these beetles. The

Times of London

reports that the British stag beetle is set to join the endangered species list, as the British government seeks to end a lucrative international trade in the insect.

Another Articles Elsewhere Contest!!!

Give this


the caption it deserves! In the

South China Morning Post


Unfortunately, all entries must be received by 5 p.m. EST today, Feb. 4, as the


will be updating its site. Entries should include your full name. The winning caption will garner its author a beautiful, first-edition

baseball cap! Send all entries to

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