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VendingData Wins Round in Shuffle Master Fracas

The patent dispute continues to consume the card-shuffling outfits.
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A U.S. magistrate sided with VendingData (VNX) in its patent dispute with Shuffle Master (SHFL) over casino card-shufflers.

The companies said in separate releases that U.S. Magistrate Judge Lawrence R. Leavitt "agreed with the interpretation put forth by VendingData" in its dispute with Shuffle Master over VendingData's Poker One shuffler. Shuffle Master claims the VendingData product infringes on Shuffle Master patents.

"Although the Magistrate Judge's interpretation of the claim language is narrower than we believe it to be, we believe that even with this narrower interpretation, VendingData's Poker One shuffler infringes the asserted patent claim," Shuffle Master chief Mark Yoseloff said. "We intend to file a written objection to the Magistrate Judge's interpretation and we intend to continue to enforce our intellectual property rights by moving the litigation forward to resolve our patent infringement claim."

On Thursday, Shuffle Master fell 36 cents to $25.45, and VendingData fell 11 cents to $1.84.

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