Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. To take our minds off the inevitable, let's have a look at the stocks of companies that sell jewelry, chocolate and unmentionables.

Love It

Diamonds? Love 'em. Chocolate? Yes, please. An artful and aromatic flower arrangement? YES (fellas, don't believe your lady when she says she doesn't like them -- we all do).

Let's see how the stocks of companies that sell such goods are performing:

Zale shares fell 2.1% to $1.37.

Signet Jewelers rose 0.1% to $8.

Blue Nile rose 0.1% to $23.03.

Tiffany fell 1.2%, to $20.32

Hershey rose 1% to $36.89.

Cadbury ( CBY) shares, meanwhile, were up 0.9% to $30.36.

Limited Brands , which sells the Victoria Secret brand, was down 3.4% to $8.16. shares were up 1.7% to $2.36.

iPhone maker Apple was up 0.1% to $99.37.

BlackBerry maker Research In Motion ( RIMM), meanwhile, was down 4.3% to $48.25.

Hate It

Valentine's Day isn't for everyone, of course. It's possible you'd rather, say, gouge out your own eyes with dull pencils and stuff the gaping holes with jalapeno peppers than participate in the holiday.

With that in mind:

Ben and Jerry's maker Unliver was down 0.4% to $20.78.

Shares of General Mills , owner of frosting-maker Betty Crocker, which sells tubs of frosting in a variety of flavors, were down 0.9% to $57.31.

Netflix was up 1.5% to $38.50.

Blockbuster ( BBI) was down 4.7% at $1.23.