With Valentine's Day nigh upon us, you may be wondering just what to get your sweetheart. Or, you may be wondering how the stocks of companies that sell jewelry, chocolate and unmentionables performed Wednesday.

Hearts and Flowers

Who doesn't love a diamond necklace, roses or a double-decker box of chocolates on Feb. 14? Haters, that's who.

Let's see how the stocks of companies that sell such goods are performing:

Zale shares fell 9.6% to $1.41.

Signet Jewelers rose 13.1% to $8.01.

Blue Nile rose 0.4% to $22.58.

Tiffany fell 2.6%, to $21.

Hershey rose 0.5% to $35.96.

Cadbury ( CBY) shares, meanwhile, were down 0.2% to $30.34.

Limited Brands , which sells the Victoria Secret brand, was up 1% to $8.32.

1-800-Flowers.com shares were down 0.4% to $2.30.

Get It Over With

Of course, Valentine's Day isn't for everyone. For some, the holiday is roughly as pleasant as falling half-clad down a razor blade-encrusted slide into a pool of lemon juice.

With that in mind:

Ben and Jerry's maker Unliver was up 1.1% to $21.12.

Shares of General Mills , owner of frosting-maker Betty Crocker, which sells tubs of frosting in a variety of flavors, were down 0.1% to $57.32.

Netflix closed at $36.17.

Blockbuster ( BBI) ended down 0.8% at $1.28.