Updated from 12:59 p.m. EST

With Valentine's Day just a few days away, stocks of companies that sell jewelry, chocolate and unmentionables were not feeling the love Tuesday.

Hearts and Flowers

Who doesn't enjoy a diamond necklace, roses or a double-decker box of chocolates on Feb. 14? Haters, that's who.

Zale shares were losing their sparkle, falling 16.6% to $1.56.

Signet Jewelers also was falling, down 7% to $7.08.

Blue Nile was down 5.9%, to $22.49.

Tiffany was down 5.2%, to $21.26.

In gastronomical affairs:

Hershey shares were losing 2.5% to $35.80.

Cadbury ( CBY) shares, meanwhile, were down 3.2% to $30.39.

And what of lace and flowers?

Limited Brands , which sells the Victoria Secret brand, was down 5.8% to $8.24.

1-800-Flowers.com shares were down 8% to $2.31.

Or perhaps the shiny gadget space?

iPhone and iPod shuffle maker Apple was down 4.6% to $97.83.

BlackBerry maker Research In Motion ( RIMM) was down 3.3% to $57.04.

Get It Over With

Of course, Valentine's Day isn't for everyone. For some, the holiday is roughly as pleasant as falling half-clad down a razor blade-encrusted slide into a pool of lemon juice.

With that in mind:

Ben and Jerry's maker Unliver was down 4.6% to $20.90.

Shares of General Mills , owner of frosting-maker Betty Crocker, which sells tubs of frosting in a variety of flavors, were down 2.4% to $57.39.

Netflix shares were down 2.1% to $36.17.

Blockbuster ( BBI) shares were down 5.2% to $1.29.