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President Donald Trump's robotic likeness will be featured in the Disney World (DIS) attraction Hall of Presidents, but a report from Vice says that the role the Donald's animatronic double will have is causing some issues.

Hall of Presidents is a 23-minute celebration of American history, featuring a video and a robotic version of every president since George Washington making an appearance. Since 1993, the country's sitting president has stood up to deliver a message of American hope to the attraction's audience.

However, Trump isn't exactly known for elegant or even clear statements. So there is speculation that the attraction will go back to its pre-1993 format, where the current president does not speak.

Disney CEO Bob Iger announced after the election that the company has prepared a Trump bust to go into the attraction. There are many petitions circulating demanding the robot stay silent or even not be included in the attraction at all.

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