Editor's pick: Originally published June 23.

Newsfeeds aside -- which dredge up any number of weirdo sites -- you probably have about a dozen tried-and-true places you go on a regular basis. Google (yes, almost universally), your favorite social platforms (Facebook and everyone else), salacious media sites (you love Gawker, admit it), and more stoic news sources (fill in the blanks here).

Alexa.com, owned by Amazon, keeps track of 500 of the most popular sites (if you have time to browse them), but you probably don't recognize most of them. A lot of them are Chinese sites, and so you could be forgiven for not going to those very often if you don't do business in China. Many of them are really interesting, though -- and about half are in English.

Here are 25 offbeat ones that are among the most popular in the world to keep you busy this summer, all culled from the Top 500 and all safe for work. The whole world seems to be clicking on these sites, so why aren't you?