Tiger Woods Embarrasses EA Sports

Market research firm NPD says that Electronic Arts' Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 sold only 32% of the volume sold in its first month on the market last year.
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) -- Market research firm NPD said that that

Electronic Arts'


Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 sold only 32% of the volume has sold in its first month last year and didn't even make it to the top ten title list in June.

EA Sports attributes the disappointing numbers to "the slowing of the overall Wii software market and Tiger's performance on the course," according to CNBC. Notably missing from this statement was his legendary sex scandal, which dominated media coverage for months after it broke last year but that


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chairman Phil Knight had dismissed as a "minor blip" in his career in an interview with

SportsBusiness Journal


Among the games that surpassed Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 included

Walt Disney's

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"Toy Story 3" and


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"UFC 2010: Undisputed."

Both Electronic Arts and Nike have been steadfast about their support for the golfer, but sooner or later, their patience could wear out if the Tiger brand doesn't start earning them returns.

Earlier this year, they had been jumping at the opportunity to include him in

big ads

as soon as he fully re-emerged into the public eye this past spring.

Tiger sponsors like


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Gatorade brand and


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Gillette didn't stick around to see how the Tiger scandal would pan out. They jumped before the ship could sink.

A study by finance professors at the University of California, Davis, estimated that shareholders of Tiger Woods-endorsed companies lost between $5 billion and $12 billion in market value after his sex scandal broke.

Electronic Arts stock fell 4.5% to $14.79 at Friday's closing bell, while Nike tumbled 2.4% to $68.96.

Tiger Woods' Sponsors Jumping Ship

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-- Reported by Andrea Tse in New York


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