President Donald J. Trump may be popular with his base for his "America First" initiative and attempts at imposing bans on travel and electronic devices on visitors from some countries. But how are those actions, along with the state of the economy, affecting the U.S. travel industry?

In a report from Adobe Digital Insights coined US Travel Trends 2017 released on Thursday, it evaluates emerging travel trends using anonymous data aggregated from more than 16 billion visits to major travel, airline, hotel, car rental and cruise sites. Judging by the report's findings, the news is grim for both travel companies, travelers in the U.S. and those people coming into the country. That could translate into a slower summer travel season and higher fees for domestic airfares and hotels.

As a salve, the report also offers the optimal times for consumers to secure the best prices.

Here's the report's top findings. 

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