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DETROIT (TheStreet) --Surprisingly, drivers of luxury cars, like the Mercedes M Class below, believe they are less likely to get away with a traffic violation than drivers of cheaper cars.

That's the conclusion of a new survey on traffic violations by

, which matches shoppers with people trying to get out of auto leases.

The Miami-based firm recently polled 2,017 drivers, asking whether they believed they could get away with a traffic violation based on what they drive. Among the drivers, about 500 owned vehicles in each of four categories: luxury, economy, mid-sized and SUV/truck. The company asked the drivers about the likelihood of getting tickets for speeding, red light infractions and parking fines.

Read on for our gallery of wheels whose owners think are most likely to flag the cops.

BMW 7 Series 2011

The survey showed that 63% of drivers of luxury vehicles, such as the


7 Series or the


M Class, felt they would get a speeding ticket if they traveled ten miles above the limit.

That is the highest percentage among the four groups of drivers.

In an informal poll of police officers working in Westchester County, N.Y., conducted by


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, officers said that BMW drivers, in general, are "thought" to speed more than drivers of other luxury cars, upping the likelihood of being pulled over.

Ford Focus 2011

Only 28% of drivers of economy cars, such as the


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Focus or Chevy Cobalt, felt they would get a speeding ticket at ten miles above the limit.

As far as running a red light, the results were similar: Among drivers of luxury cars, 62% felt they would get a ticket if they committed this infraction. But only 16% of drivers of economy cars like the Cobalt (pictured below) were similarly worried.

Drivers of economy vehicles "feel they're least likely to get a ticket running a red light, (even with) new light cameras, because of a blend-in syndrome where they feel their cars don't stand out as much as the rest," LeaseTrader said.

When it comes to parking fines, however, the tables turn, because 73% of luxury car drivers feel they wouldn't receive a ticket for parking illegally. That is "possibly because of a feeling of entitlement," said the firm.

Chevy Tahoe

By contrast, only 21% of drivers of SUVs and trucks, such as the


Tahoe or the Ford F-150, feel they would not get a parking ticket.

2010 Toyota Camry LE 008

Among drivers of mid-size vehicles, such as the


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Camry and the


(HMC) - Get Honda Motor Company Ltd. Report

Accord, 46% felt they would get a speeding ticket if they were driving ten miles above the speed limit, and 36% felt they would get a ticket for running a red light. Also, 63% felt they would get a ticket for parking illegally.

-- Written by Ted Reed in Charlotte, N.C.