In 2009 I had a very awkward interview.

During my fellowship application with a global legal aid group, their head council and I started talking about a few of the other candidates, including one candidate from the University of Michigan.

"Someone from Ann Arbor!" I said, overjoyed at a chance to talk about the world's best football team.

"No, East Lansing," he replied, and the conversation unraveled quickly from there.

It turned out that this young woman had simply put "Michigan Law School" on her resume, a bit of creative accounting that encouraged people to confuse her degree from Michigan State Law School (then a tier-three institution) with the University of Michigan (top ten). Whether or not she technically lied, she certainly didn't correct any false assumptions and clearly hoped no one would connect the dots on her home address. It did not end well.

Resume shenanigans rarely do. Claims you make on a resume are far too easily checked, and Google is far too thorough a resource, to play these kinds of games. Even when an employer doesn't vet you small things and bad luck can give the game away. So, for the sake of your career, avoid these ten common things people fudge their resumes.

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