If you're searching for a reason to stick with the markets -- instead of putting what's left of your portfolio under the mattress -- these S&P 500 companies have bucked the market trend so far in 2016.

U.S stocks shuddered on Wednesday, moving the markets further into correction territory, with the S&P 500 closing at its lowest level in three months. The S&P 500 Index was down 7.5% year-to-date as of Wednesday's close. The Dow Jones Industrial Average was also down more than 7% since Dec. 31. (Stocks were wavering in early Thursday trading.)

Investors have put on the breaks as oil prices have been in a free fall, hovering at $30 a barrel. Commodities in general have been testing 12-year lows. On Thursday, a Federal Reserve official suggested that oil's plunge could hinder the central bank from hiking rates further

"The market is extremely bearish right now," Craig Erlam, senior market analyst at Oanda, told TheStreet on Wednesday. "U.S. stocks are going to have a rough ride in the first quarter and oil is, of course, in for more shocks ... Risk appetite is going to be fairly low for the first few months of the year."

Not surprisingly, energy and commodities stocks make up the bulk of the worst-performing stocks. However the list of the best stocks to date is more diversified. Several retailers, utilities companies and other consumer-related stocks comprise the list. Yet the top-performing stock this year is a less recognized tech stock.

Here are the 10 best-performing stocks for the first two weeks of the year. We've paired the list with ratings from TheStreet Ratings, TheStreet's proprietary ratings tool, for another perspective.

TheStreet Ratings uses a quantitative approach to rating over 4,300 stocks to predict return potential for the next year. The model is both objective, using elements such as volatility of past operating revenues, financial strength, and company cash flows, and subjective, including expected equity market returns, future interest rates, implied industry outlook and forecasted company earnings.

Note: Year-to-date returns based on Jan. 13 closing prices.