Typically when one thinks of the lifespan of an older model truck, they anticipate getting up to 150,000 miles at best before it craps out.

That perception might not be true, at least for certain trucks and SUVs, a new study by automotive research firm iSeeCars.com suggests.

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For the study, iSeeCars evaluated 12 million cars on the road in 2015 from model years 1981 and newer, and the team found several trucks still kicking with 200,000 miles or more.

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"As in 2014 when it first conducted the study, pickup trucks and SUVs dominated the list, with only one passenger car in the top 10 ranking," iSeeCars said.

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TheStreet takes a look at the trucks to buy seeing as they could last way beyond the 200,000 mile mark.

Editors' pick: Originally published April 28.