Anyone who tells you that he knows exactly where the stock market will be 12 months from now is not telling the truth. The range of factors that can affect the financial markets is too vast and unpredictable. What you can do is have a reliable system to weed out investments that will be tossed around by every storm that blows in and focus on companies that can provide guaranteed profits.

One way for a company to lock in profits is to come up with innovative technologies that meet demands and are also forward thinking. Thermo Fisher Scientific(TMO) - Get Report is a world leader in several scientific areas, including laboratory productivity, life sciences research, patient diagnostics and much more. It has revenues of $17 billion and more than 50,000 employees in 50 countries. Thermo Fisher Scientific shares fell slightly in Friday trading. 

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While competitors like Danaher have faltered in recent weeks, Thermo Fisher keeps moving forward. 

For example, you've probably heard about the epidemic of opioid abuse that is sweeping the United States. Thermo Fisher has invented a handheld narcotics analyzer, straightforwardly named "TruNarc," that is helping the police get a handle on this terrible problem.

Narcotics officers, customs personnel, and other law enforcement personnel can now quickly and safely detect several lethal drugs with the newest library update for the TruNarc device. Last year, TruNarc added fentanyl and acetyl fentanyl to its library. Fentanyl has been linked to hundreds of deaths in the U.S. since 2013. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency issued a briefing in July 2016 stating that the country is in the midst of a fentanyl crisis.

The TruNarc analyzer's latest library update is designed to equip field agents with updated capabilities to stay ahead of emerging narcotics threats and more quickly get drug users the treatment they need.

But that is just one area where Thermo Scientific is in the lead. The company sells its products in a $100 billion market that is likely to grow by 3%-5% per year. The aging population in the U.S. is driving biomedical research and diagnostics demand, while Thermo Fisher has also been extending its international reach.

To help meet increasing demand for cell and gene therapy clinical trial support globally, Thermo Fisher recently expanded its cryogenic service capabilities in Japan. This expansion enables its Asian customers to conduct clinical trials in multiple areas and provides patients worldwide with access to life-changing therapies.

Japan is an increasingly important market for cell and gene therapy companies conducting clinical trials. The addition of cryogenic services to Thermo Fisher's existing operations in the Far East will make its revenue stream even more reliable.

The management has been putting its increased income to good use, acquiring companies that had once been rivals. Thermo Fisher recently completed its acquisition of FEI, the leader in high-performance electron microscopy, for a total purchase price of approximately $4.2 billion.


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The author is an independent contributor who at the time of publication owned none of the stocks mentioned.