Relax, the stock market isn't going to lose 20% by May 4.

While it may feel that way after a sucker's session on Tuesday (stocks get bid up early on good news, then reverse course sharply on various fears), the fact remains: Corporate America is in fine health. You don't fall into a bone-crushing bear market when companies are reporting double-digit profit growth (see Boeing's (BA - Get Report) quarter), sitting on lower leverage and are willing to shower investors with cash via buybacks and dividend hikes.

But what you could very well see in the short-term is the market blow off some steam thanks to bearish comments from Caterpillar's (CAT - Get Report)  chief financial officer (how is that guy feeling after his misguided comments pummeled the global markets?), lack of deceleration in 10-year yield expansion and general worries over big-cap tech earnings from the likes of Facebook (FB - Get Report) and Apple (AAPL - Get Report) .

Some sharp reads on TheStreet right now: (1) TheStreet's founder and Action Alerts PLUS portfolio manager Jim Cramer shares these helpful insights on the market action here; (2) This op-ed from a veteran markets watcher is full on bearish, blaming the Federal Reserve for a looming stock price plunge; (3) On the other hand, for you bulls out there this op-ed from another industry pro is a good read packed with all sorts of Twitter-friendly stats. 

A Random Walk Around Wall Street

(1) William Blair keeping it real on Under Armour (UAA - Get Report) ahead of May 1 earnings: "Although we see limited near-term downside to shares given our projection for an okay first quarter relative to expectations combined with a high short interest (13 days to cover), we remain cautious given a premium valuation (118 times for Class A and 102 times for Class C), little evidence of a fundamental catalyst to drive top-line growth, and concerns about brand commoditization stemming from new domestic retail channels and a lack of consumer-relevant innovation."

(2) Harley-Davidson's (HOG - Get Report) CEO tells me "bold" actions to improve performance are coming in the summer.

(3) Goldman Sachs (GS - Get Report) strikes a bullish note on Cisco (CSCO - Get Report) amid a pickup in spending by financial service firms and state/local governments.

(4) Wall Street continues to be all-in on Facebook, clearly not appreciating how recent privacy news could impact the social media giant's future -- 92% of analysts still have buy ratings on the stock, and that hasn't changed much over the past two months. 

Jolt Investing Tip of the Day 

Even when times look dark, never give up on a founder-led company when that founder created something truly revolutionary. That founder had enough foresight and drive to create something special, and more often than not will have the will to pull the company out of rough patches. It doesn't mean stay long a falling stock of a founder-led company, it simply means don't rule out buying the stock back/sniffing around on signs of a turnaround.

Case in point is Twitter (TWTR - Get Report) .

Shares are rising about 5% in premarket trading on Wednesday after the social media platform served up another quarter that indicated founder Jack Dorsey (who returned as CEO in 2015) is leading a real turnaround. Hat tip to him for not selling the company at the 2017 lows and what looks to be a successful pivot to more of a live events player. Twitter shares the past year: up 95%.