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Be At Least a Little Worried

At this rate, we will be talking about a stock market correction in early April that could be worse than February's. Stock prices are melting up again, similar to their behavior in late January when the global economy seemed amazing and we firmly believed puppies would fly by year-end. Data suggests investors are up to their old tricks again, eschewing numbers-crunching and blindly trading the momentum. Eighteen sectors of the market are positive year to date, up from just three in early February, noted Yardeni Research. The best-performing sectors year to date are a whose who of speculation: small-cap healthcare (up 16.9% on prospects for more M&A); large-cap tech (up 11.2% on prospects for world domination from Facebook (FB) - Get Report , Amazon (AMZN) - Get Report , Apple (AAPL) - Get Report , Netflix (NFLX) - Get Report and Alphabet's Google (GOOGL) - Get Report ); and large-cap consumer discretionary (up 7.5% on hopes for a U.S. consumer spending boom this spring). Meanwhile, TheStreet's Martin Baccardax reported that the collective valuations of U.S. tech stocks, as well as online retailer and Action Alerts Plus holding Amazon, have now topped $7 trillion. That easily tops the $5.6 trillion for emerging market stocks. Do yourself a favor: Buy a few good dividend paying stocks this week to somewhat protect yourself from the next correction that could be lurking.

The Single Biggest Risk to Amazon and Tesla Shareholders Is Mars

Amazon and Tesla (TSLA) - Get Report are two tech heavyweights fueled by the two guys at the top of each. Both Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk are those big, forward-looking visionaries that drive their teams hard to achieve something that may happen 20 years down the line. Lose these two, whether due to old age, a freak accident, or a loss of focus, and each company will take a hit. So in that regard it should be mildly worrisome to shareholders in either company that their visionary leaders are so beyond obsessed with space travel. We aren't talking about how they read books about it and discussed it at an event -- no, they are betting with their dollars and time. Elon Musk said at SXSW over the weekend he could send a space vehicle to Mars as early as 2019. Reportedly Bezos said Saturday at the Explorers Club Annual Dinner (where he accepted the Buzz Aldrin Space Exploration Award), "The price of admission to space is very high -- I'm in the process of converting my Amazon lottery winnings into a much lower price of admission so we can go explore the solar system." In the case of Bezos, he is actually dumping Amazon stock on the market to fund his space travel obsession. About time each company adds "founder obsession with space travel" as a risk factor in their annual reports. 

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Stock Watch 

General Electric's (GE) - Get Report  stock managed to rise 6% last week, nicely outperforming the Dow Jones Industrial Average, on speculation it was nearing some asset sales. If the troubled company's stock keeps climbing this week, the speculation may ultimately prove to be reality. GE bull Nicholas Heymann at William Blair said Monday the stock could finally "stabilize" after the latest annual report didn't disclose any material new items.  

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