Editors' pick: Originally published Jan. 29.

The gaggle of GOP presidential hopefuls will take the stage tonight in the seventh debate in a seemingly never-ending cycle of debates. 

Tonight's debate in Des Moines, Iowa is hosted by Fox News and moderated by Fox anchors Bret Baier, Megyn Kelly and Chris Wallace. The event will kick off at 9 p.m. ET.

What's arguably more interesting is who is not on stage this evening. Republican frontrunner Donald Trump excused himself from Thursday's debate, arguing Kelly was biased toward him, and will instead host a pro-veterans rally in protest of the event. Undercard debate participants Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum will also attend the event after their debate. 

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And check below for some of the best comments on what's happening on stage at both the GOP debate and Trump's wounded troops rally from the Twitterverse.

Oh, people are ready... so ready!

And of course, late-night already has their take.

Some candidates bring up the old talking points after the undercard debate...


They mention the "elephant not in the room."

Jeb! Bush calls Trump a teddy bear and comedians unite.

Well, someone has the GOP debate's number.

No sign from Dr. Ben Carson yet...

 For those playing bingo at home...

 Trump begins to talk at his separate event and wants everyone to know he sits at the cool table. 

Christie brings up the exhausted Hillary email conversation. 

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Trump is stinking up this stage... and he's not even here!

Ted Cruz's old college roommates don't like him, but he downright scares our talk-show hosts.

 Some have theories as to why Donald Trump backed out of the debate. 

There was an off-brand commercial during the break that confused everyone. 

It isn't a GOP debate without vilifying Planned Parenthood. So Chris Christie picked up the slack. 

 Rubio talks immigration but people are more confused about that youthful skin. 

Oooh, tough questions for Rubio's Gang of 8 support. 

Fox News is using 'Previously On' clips and it's just great. 

 Trump Trump. Say it three times fast. 

 The structure is strange, says Twitter. 

 Chris Christie talks Bridgegate. But Twitter isn't pleased. 

 There was talk about Swedish presidents and everyone got confused. 

Church and state? Forget that mess! Let's talk faith!

 Dr. Ben Carson talks about Putin... or oil... or horses... something?

We're all tired here. So it's true -- no winners here. 

Rand Paul talks interns, sex, and awkwardness. 

Hey, have we talked about Bill Clinton's past recently? No?

Closing statements are always fun.