If you look at the highest education levels across the 150 largest metropolitan areas in the U.S., as WalletHub has, one overarching geographical trend emerges: the two coasts boast the smartest Americans-with a full 45% located in East Coast states, seconded by West Coast states with 30% (California is well represented there). Three out of 20 are located in the Midwest, and both the Southeast and the South claim one each. WalletHub's methodology includes two major considerations: the "educational attainment" rank for each metro area and the "quality of education and attainment gap" rank. In plain English, attainment (weighted at 80%) refers to how many people have at least a high school diploma, how many have at least a bachelor's degree, and on up the chain through graduate school. Quality of education (weighted at 20%) is a little more nuanced and takes in the public school rankings in that metro area, average number of universities, enrollment, as well as racial and gender gaps. Why is this list important? Educated metro areas mean an educated workforce-and that's the kind of intel employers want before choosing where to expand their operations. Those metro areas also translate to decent schools (remember, those public school rankings are embedded in the methodology)--and that's useful for young parents to know. Sure, there are certified geniuses living all over the country, but this top 20 list is a snapshot of where they tend to congregate.