What's a "Bill Belichick" company/stock? One that's like the New England Patriots crusty head coach. It might not be glamorous, but it has an unbelievably long track record of winning.

Tonight in Super Bowl LIII, Belichick will be coaching his ninth Super Bowl with the Patriots. Whether you regard him as a genius,  or are just tired of seeing him frown on the sidelines, it is hard to dispute his legacy as one of the greatest NFL coaches of all time.

So, which stock is the most like Belichick? We asked four of our top columnists to weigh in.

Read on to see what names they chose. Also look for our columnists' picks on which stocks are most like Pats QB Tom Brady, Los Angeles Rams whiz kid coach Sean McVay and Rams star defensive tackle Aaron Donald:

Fima: Whether you love Berkshire Hathaway or hate it, Buffett's record must be respected.

Zev Fima, research analyst with Jim Cramer's Action Alerts PLUS charitable portfolio and club for investors:

Berkshire Hathaway ( (BRK.A) - Get Report(BRK.B) - Get Report ). There's nothing really exciting about it... except the performance record.

Warren Buffett doesn't look to make the number every quarter or even every year. He focuses on the long term, stays disciplined and lets time do the work. His investment horizon most likely extends beyond his own life expectancy. He has a very simple approach, isn't a fan of crazy derivative strategies and on a personal level isn't even that flashy. The guy can buy anything he wants in the world and chooses to eat McDonald's (MCD) - Get Report for breakfast (kind of like wearing a raggedy hoodie to every press conference).

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Buffett is the definition of a class act. He doesn't try to sell you on why you should invest with him, he lets his performance speak for itself. His approach may not be "sexy" and it certainly isn't what you hear about on the fast money/trading shows, but it works. There is a reason the best in the world look to him and there is a reason he's known as the "Oracle of Omaha."

If there was one stock in the world that you can compare to Belichick it's Berkshire. because whether you love it or hate it, the record must be respected.

Guilfoyle: The King of Content has gone nowhere... and is still champion.

Stephen "Sarge" Guilfoyle, columnist for Real Money and portfolio co-manager of TheStreet's Stocks Under $10 model portfolio:

A "Bill Belichick stock." Not really glamorous. Consistent. Long track record of winning. When I think of how I would describe Bill Belichick, I think of all of those. Plus, with the exception of his quarterback, Belichick is a coach with an incredible ability to find talent around the league to replace others around his core. This has gone on for several generations in football terms.

The Walt Disney Company (DIS) - Get Report is like this. Disney, a stock held in TheStreet'sAction Alerts Plus charitable trust, is a constant cash provider that constantly updates the lineup around the core businesses. Marvel, Pixar, LucasFilm. Then add theme parks around the globe, and the coming of Disney +. That one will enhance and revive the streaming / broadcast business. The King of Content has gone nowhere... and is still champion.

Marks: Belichick and Walmart are models of consistency that have adapted to the new style of play.

Jeff Marks, senior portfolio analyst of Jim Cramer's Action Alerts PLUS charitable portfolio and club for investors:

It's hard to compare a company to one of the greatest minds in football, but if I'm looking for a stock that is a model for consistency and is hard to bet against, then it would be Walmart (WMT) - Get Report . Having raised its dividend payout for an impressive 44 consecutive years, the company is classified as Dividend Aristocrat. Despite periods of economic uncertainty when some companies are forced to cut their dividend, Walmart's has stood tall.

Wal-Mart's stock has been crushing it recently.

Since Belichick was hired by the Patriots 19 years ago, the NFL has had 184 different people get a head coaching job. Also, like Belichick, Walmart has adapted its style of play to the new economy. How so? The company has stepped up its game in its e-commerce channel, and this tactical move has helped them thwart off competition from rival Amazon (AMZN) - Get Report .

Curran: Bill Belichick = Danaher

Kevin Curran, reporter at Real Money, our premium site for active traders:

Bill Belichick and Danaher Corp. (DHR) - Get Report have a few key things in common.

They are no-nonsense. Danaher -- a stock held in TheStreet'sAction Alerts Plus charitable trust -- is known for its management style that calls on employees to buy in and adhere to its core values of quality, delivery, cost, and innovation. The business system has proven seriously effective even after the departure of key front-man Larry Culp in 2014. Belichick's system has proven similarly effective, even amid the loss of key players from Ty Law, to Richard Seymour, to Randy Moss and more.

They're reliable. Danaher has provided investors with a steady return for years, growing solidly, aside from the Great Recession. If you invested in Danaher in 2000, you would be enjoying an over 1,100% return today. If you are a Patriots fan (as I am), you have enjoyed five super bowl wins and an eye-popping winning percentage over the same period under Bill Belichick.

Simply put, they may not grab all the headlines, nor do they seek to. But they both get the job done and that's the key commonality.

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This article was written by a staff member of TheStreet.