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Study Results Lift Isis

The stock jumps 29% after positive data are released.

Isis Pharmaceuticals


was soaring Monday after the company said two studies of its experimental cholesterol treatment had positive effects on participants in the trials.

In the first study, patients with high cholesterol on stable doses of statins were treated with a compound called ISIS 301012 for five weeks. A dose of 300 milligrams a week resulted in a 51% reduction in low-density lipid cholesterol, a 42% decline in total cholesterol and a 41% dropoff in triglycerides beyond the levels achieved with statins alone.

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Low-density lipid, or LDL, cholesterol is the so-called bad cholesterol that can lead to cardiovascular problems.

Another study involved patients with high cholesterol who were treated for three months with 300 milligrams each week of ISIS 301012 by itself. Data from this study for doses through 200 milligrams were previously reported. Increasing the dose to 300 milligrams further reduced atherogenic lipids, with improvements in LDL cholesterol, total cholesterol and triclycerides.

Shares of Isis jumped 29% to $13.44.