New 52-week Highs and Lows (January 5)

Source: ILX

The new-highs and new-lows list was mixed Friday. The


showed negative breadth, with 60 new highs and 79 new lows. The


put together another day in which it had more highs than lows -- for the second consecutive day. It finished with 20 new highs vs. nine new lows. The


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, meanwhile, remains strong. On Friday the NYSE had 161 new highs and just 10 new lows.

Friday's trading wrapped up on a sour note, as the


finished down more than 250 points, or 2.3% lower; the

S&P 500

finished down about 35, or 2.6% lower; and the


finished almost down about 160 points, or 6.2% lower.