For lack of better words, The North Face's new "Moon Parka" is downright insane.

On the surface, the gold-colored jacket priced at $1,000 -- which was unveiled in Japan only in October last year -- looks like a typical winter-friendly parka from VF Corp.'s (VFC) - Get Report North Face brand. But there is a big reason why this particular coat is selling for more three times the normal price of a North Face winter jacket, and it has a lot to do with ... spiders. The jacket's material is made from an ersatz spider silk developed by upstart Japanese company Spiber. Spider silk is well-known for its strength and resilience -- it's tougher than Kevlar by weight but more elastic and responsive than fibers such as cotton.

In short, it's akin to the holy grail fiber for jacket construction -- tough enough to withstand poundings from winter snow and sleet yet flexible enough so a person can move around easily. TheStreet was up close and personal (video and photos below) with the Moon Parka at its U.S. unveiling on Tuesday held inside North Face's swanky new flagship store in New York. We came away impressed with its construction and design (and overall presence -- the jacket is being kept on display behind glass), and it will definitely give the popular $1,000 parkas from Canada Goose a run for their money in terms of keeping you warm. 

Also at the event, North Face showed off its its "Japan Unlimited" and "The North Face Japan" product lines ahead of their releases on Wednesday. Each line was inspired by the edgy clothing trends often seen in Japan, and then infused with the trademark ruggedness inherent to the North Face brand. The collections will only be available at The North Face's New York and San Francisco flagship stores. 

The Moon Parka has a presence from the front ...

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Is this coat worth a $1,000? Yes, it's a true statement piece.

... It also has a presence from the back. 

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This thing will obviously keep you absurdly warm.

The Moon Parka's special spider-inspired silk. 

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The North Face's Japan Unlimited collection is edgy, but has quality outdoor-inspired pieces that will survive a snowstorm unlike the trendy, disposable apparel found at H&M.

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Yes, this is The North Face.

The collection is unisex and offers more than 100 styles.

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The urban millennial that shops at Whole Foods.

The sneakers are funky, almost resembling slippers. 

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Camo prints are still hot.

The new collection is on the pricey side, but given the quality it's deserving of such a premium to most North Face clothing. 

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These $140 leather gloves were as soft as a baby's bottom.