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Sirius XM Solid as a Rock, Poll Says

Sirius XM is not seriously threatened by the upcoming new Pandora-enabled Pioneer car stereo, according to users of TheStreet.
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) -- Satellite radio company

Sirius XM's


business is hardly threatened by the upcoming release of a new




car stereo device, according to readers of



Out of 5,828 votes, 72.5% of readers say that Sirius XM will retain its loyal subscriber-base even as the new Pandora device hits the market in April, while about 27.5% of voters believe the new device will further increase the ranks of Pandora users, eroding Sirius XM's market share.

The readers are firmly opposed to the notion that the new, $1,200 Pandora-enabled AVIC-X920BT Pioneer car stereo device will result in a big loss of Sirius XM users to Pandora as it expands its audience-reach and offers them versatile and basically free music.

"Pandora, which only offers 'tailor-made' music stations, can't compare with Sirius, which offers a variety of music, talk, sports and comedy programming,"

one reader commented.

"I have a large circle of friends, all of whom have one or more satellite subscriptions, and none know of Pandora."

Other readers say the Pioneer device isn't practical. They wonder why anyone would want to buy a $1,200 car stereo device. Even if the device could help them access much of their musical needs basically for free on Pandora during their long commute, buying the device would negate all the cost-savings that could have been achieved.

Other arguments against the notion that Sirius is under threat from the Pioneer-Pandora partnership stems from the view that Sirius has and always will be a survivor.

"I just can't see SIRI/XM going under," one reader commented. "If a company was able to weather the economic storm through 2009, it will survive for the long haul."

Perhaps Pandora won't ever be able to knock out Sirius, even with the expansion of its audience reach through the new Pioneer device. But with the help of the AVIC-X920BT, could another internet radio company end up doing so? Perhaps one with similar offerings to Sirius?

After all, Sirius radio requires a subscription fee that many would prefer not to pay, but a lot of what internet radio has to offer is free. And a device like AVIC-X920BT could help the stronger internet radio stations unleash their power in this sense.

As one reader commented: "I think when other companies join with the Pioneer technology, Sirius might have some issues."

-- Reported by Andrea Tse in New York


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