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Waymo's ongoing suit against Uber for theft of trade secrets is a sign of the times.

Self-driving cars will be the ultimate mobile devices. Big tech names such as Alphabet's (GOOGL) Google, Apple (AAPL) , Tesla (TSLA) and others are pouring money into the technology, while traditional carmarkers Ford (F) , General Motors (GM) , Toyota (TM) and others are investing.

Augmented reality and artificial intelligence are other fields in which Facebook, Google, Apple, Sonyundefined and the rest of Silicon Valley are staking claims.

With so much value residing in the intellectual property that underpins smart cars, AR and other technology realms with vast growth potential, conflicts are bound to arise. The mobility of Silicon Valley workers adds to the pressure, as trophy employees can potentially take know-how developed by their employers to a rival. 

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Here are some of the high-profile cases in which tech-worker mobility resulted in legal hostilities.