Siemens AG (



Annual General Meeting

January 24, 2012 4:00 AM ET


Gerhard Cromme – Chairman

Peter Löscher – President and CEO


Gerhard Cromme

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We’ve understood you very well. And as of now, things will become more quiet and calm. Dear shareholders, ladies and gentlemen, the 2012 Annual Shareholders’ Meeting of Siemens Axiom Gazette Shaft (ph) is called to order. And as Chairman of the Supervisory Board, I take the floor in accordance with the Articles of Association.

On behalf of the Supervisory Board and the Board of Management, I would like to welcome all of you here today. And I’m pleased that so many of you have joined us here today. The Supervisory Board – all members of the Supervisory Board are here today. This applies to the members of the Board of Management as well.

Notare Public Dr. Tilman Götte, will be responsible for the notarized minutes. He will be assisted by junior notaries Michelle Goodfried and Dr. Josef Käser in taking statements for the minutes. You will see them at speaker’s table number one, which is to your left.

The Annual Shareholders’ meeting was convened in due time on the 6th, December, in the electronic gazette. And the motion presented by the (inaudible) at Siemens AG was submitted in due time and was published on the 23rd, December 2011 in the electronic gazette. Publications are available in the internet. And they’re also available for inspection at the speaker’s tables. The invitation and the addition to the agenda were disseminated throughout Europe. There were no counter proposals that had to published, ahead of time.

In accordance with Section 19 (7) of our Articles of Association, I have requested that the entire Annual Shareholders’ Meeting be made available live on the internet for our shareholders. Up until the beginning of the general discussion, we will also be transmitting the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting for other interested third parties on the internet and in part on television. There will not be a recording of the entire live transition.

As in the past, there will not be a rebate verbatim record of the entire Annual Shareholders’ Meeting. The cameras and the microphones in the meeting room are only to be used for transmitting to the screens and loudspeakers that are found in various areas of the building.

Up until the end of the general discussion, shareholders who are viewing us on the internet and who registered in due time will have the possibility to change their absentee ballad, their proxies and their instructions.

Up until the end of the Annual Shareholder’s Meeting, we will be updating the list of participants. And the shareholders and their representatives can view this in the upper levels at the information counters and on the computer screen.

All the important information regarding the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting for giving you proxies for making use of your right to speak and ask questions and on the elections were given to you in the organizational information you received with your admission ticket. And there is also the information brochure, which is available at the information counters.

All of the areas accessible to the shareholders in the Olympic Hall are the meeting room, and this also includes the tent.

I would now like to come to agenda item number one. To receive and consider the adopted Annual Financial Statements of Siemens AG and the approved Consolidated Financial Statements together with the combined management’s discussion and analysis of Siemens AG and the Siemens Group, including the explanatory report on the information required Pursuant to Section through 89 (4) and (5) and section 315 (Four of the German Commercial Code as of September 30, 2011).

As well as the report of the Supervisory Board, the Corporate Governance Report, the Compensation Report and the Compliance Report for fiscal 2011. I would also like to refer to the Annual Report, where these issues are dealt with in the appropriate chapters in more detail. The documents are available here in the meeting room. They were sent to you upon request and they have been available in the premises of our company ever since the invitation of the Annual General Meeting was sent out. And they are also available on the internet.

You can also have a look at them at the speaker’s tables today or on the internet. The Annual Financial Statements and the Consolidated Financial Statements, as well as the combined management discussion and analysis were audited by Ernst and Osram GmbH for just preference gazette shaft institute guide. They were elected by you at the last Annual Shareholders’ Meeting as our independent auditors. The auditors gave our financial statements and unqualified opinion in accordance with legal regulations.

At its meeting on the 30, November 2011, the Supervisory Board approved the Annual Financial Statements and the Consolidated Financial Statements. These statements are thus adopted.

Ladies and gentlemen, dear shareholders at Siemens AG, before I turn to the work of the supervisory board in the last year in more detail, I would like to thank you for your trust in our company.

The excellent results in the last fiscal year make it very clear that you have invested in a very successful, sound and sustainable company. And this investment and your trust have paid off. The proposed dividend which is being proposed to today’s Annual Shareholders’ Meeting provides for an increase in the dividend to €3. In the past year, a number of challenges had to be dealt with, important decisions, which I’ll be talking about in more detail later on, were taken and implemented.

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