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NYSE Short Interest
(Last 6 Months)

Source: New York Stock Exchange

Nasdaq Short Interest
Last Six Months

Source: Nasdaq

Short interest on the


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fell just slightly during the period ended Feb. 15, according to Nasdaq data released on Tuesday, Feb. 27. Short interest now stands at 3,404,775,518 shares, down from 3,410,098,677 shares last month. Short interest now represents 1.58 days' worth of Nasdaq volume, up from last month's 1.52 days. Nasdaq short interest still remains near record highs.

Short interest on the

New York Stock Exchange

was little changed for the period ended Feb. 15, the NYSE reported on Feb. 22. Short interest rose to 4,733,818,835 shares -- an increase of just under 5 million shares from a revised 4,728,821,392 shares last month. The short interest on Feb. 15 was equal to 1.5% of the total shares on the exchange, according to the NYSE.

Short interest, though down from its record level of 4,875,865,244 shares, still remains high. A reduction in the number of shares sold short will probably hover on the high side until the market begins to mount a sustained rally. Until then, heavy short interest will likely remain.

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