Editors' pick: Originally published Feb. 14.

What's happening right now at the first-ever Kmart store opened in America may be indicative of what lies ahead for the struggling Sears Holding Corp. (SHLD) owned discount chain. 

The first Kmart store opened in Garden City, Michigan on March 1, 1962. A total of 18 Kmart stores opened that year. But, Sears executives apparently have no sense of nostalgia as the store in Garden City was chosen to be one of 150 locations closed in early 2017 as the dying retailer tries to stay afloat. Store closing sales are currently unfolding at the store. 

With the help of a Facebook page dedicated to the first ever Kmart opened, TheStreet shows how much times have changed for the retailer. 

Here she is in all her current glory.

The store looks ridiculously dated.

This glass shows off the store's pride in its heritage. 

Store closing sales have begun.

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You can even buy the store's historical fixtures.

The shelves are getting pretty empty. 

Depressing.But things weren't always this bad at Kmart...

People actually shopped at Kmart. Here, crowds of shoppers showed up to the Garden City store's grand opening.

Now, Kmart isn't opening any stores and hardly anyone shops at the chain.

The mayor even showed up to cut the ribbon.

There was a snack bar inside the store. 

A fairly extensive appliance section existed. 

People were so excited about Kmart, they bought 250 bikes right off the truck.

Now, this is the scene at most Kmart stores across the country. Moody's says Kmart may no longer be viable.