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Scana Subsidiaries File for Merger

They envision a gas transport company.

South Carolina Pipeline Corp and SCG Pipeline, two subsidiaries of



, filed an application with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to merge into a single interstate natural gas transportation company.

Under the merger application, SCPC and SCG would operate as a single interstate, transportation-only pipeline company that sells its pipeline capacity, but no longer sells natural gas. This would allow large natural gas users to manage their own purchasing strategies.

In the application made to the FERC, Scana is requesting to have the merged company in service prior to next winter's heating season. The new company, Carolina Gas Transmission Corp., would fall under the regulatory oversight of the FERC.

The evolving environment in the natural gas marketplace and changes in the regulatory landscape at the federal level are the driving factors behind Scana's decision to combine the pipeline companies, the company said.

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