NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Royal Dutch Shell PLC (RDS.A) says it has an oil leak in the North Sea near Scotland under control.


a statement on its Web site

, the company said the leak was from a flow line on the sea floor connected to the Gannet Alpha drilling platform.

Royal Dutch Shell said it shut in the subsea well connected to the flow line on Wednesday and has isolated and depressurized the flow line, "considerably" reducing the leak.

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The company did not release estimates of the amount of oil released, but estimated the size of the affected sea surface to be 31 kilometers by 4.3 kilometers at its widest point.

Royal Dutch Shell said it expected that the oil sheen would be dispersed through wave action and would not reach the coast. The drilling platform is is located about 180 kilomters, or 112 miles, east of the city of Aberdeen, Scotland.

The company said it has deployed a remote-controlled underwater vehicle to inspect the leak and that a standby vessel was ready with dispersant and other equipment if necessary.

Shares of Royal Dutch Shell closed Friday up $1.52 at $65.64.

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