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April 25, 2012 11:00 am ET


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Alan Douglas Horn - Chairman, Chairman of Pension Committee, Member of Executive Committee, Member of Finance Committee, Member of Advisory Committee, Chief Executive Officer of Rogers Telecom, President of Rogers Telecommunications Limited, Chief Executive Officer of Rogers Telecommunications Limited and President of Rogers Telecom

Loretta Anne Rogers - Director, Member of Advisory Committee, Director of Rogers Cable Inc, Director of Rogers Media Inc, Director of Rogers TeleCommunication Inc and Director of Rogers Wireless Inc

Edward S. Rogers - Deputy Chairman, Executive Vice President of Emerging Business Corporate Development, Chairman of Nominating Committee, Chairman of Finance Committee, Chairman of Executive Committee, Member of Advisory Committee, Director of Rogers Cable Inc, Director of Rogers Media Inc, Director of Rogers Wireless Inc and Director of Rogers Wireless Communications Inc

John Henry Clappison - Director, Member of Pension Committee and Member of Audit Committee

C. William D. Birchall - Independent Director, Member of Audit Committee, Member of Nominating Committee and Member of Finance Committee

Nadir H. Mohamed - Chief Executive Officer, President, Director of Communications Division and Director

William W. Linton - Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President of Finance

Anthony Staffieri -


Alan Douglas Horn

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the Rogers Campus and the Velma Rogers Graham Theatre. I'd like to call this Annual General Meeting of the shareholders of Rogers Communications Inc. to order. My name is Alan Horn, Chairman of the Board. And on behalf of the Board of Directors and officers of Rogers, I am pleased to welcome you to this year's shareholders meeting. I will act as Chairman of the meeting; and our General Counsel, David Miller, will act as recording secretary. As this annual meeting is also being webcast, we welcome those individuals joining us via the Internet link. I think everybody say -- see this -- so we will now commence with the formal part of this meeting. After we vote on the motions contained in the information circular and any other business that might properly come before today's meeting, our Chief Executive Officer, Nadir Mohamed; and our Chief Financial Officer, Bill Linton, will review the company's recent results and discuss the priorities and objectives going forward. We'll then open the meeting for questions from shareholders. Following the conclusion of the meeting, everyone is invited to a reception and casual lunch to be held across the foyer in our reception hall. This will provide an opportunity for you to meet and speak informally with Rogers' officers and directors, and to experience some of Rogers' new products, while enjoying some food and refreshments at the same time.

With that, I would now like to introduce my colleagues on the Board of Directors who are present here today aside from those at the head table, and we ask that they stand to be recognized. Ron Besse, Bill Birchall, Stephen Burch, John Clappison, Peter Godsoe, Toby Hull, Phil Lind, Isabelle Marcoux, David Peterson, Edward Rogers, Loretta Rogers, Martha Rogers, Melinda Rogers, Bill Schleyer, John Tory, Colin Watson. And also, our new Director nominees that are here with us today, John MacDonald and Charles Sirois. Thank you.

Moving on, I will now appoint Paul Keyes and Daniela Munoz of Computershare Investor Services, our registrar and transfer agent, to act as scrutineers of the meeting. Computershare has provided proof of delivery to shareholders as required of a notice, information circular and proxy relating to this meeting, as well as the 2011 annual report and consolidated financial statements. I've also received the scrutineers' preliminary report on attendance at today's meeting, and I'm advised that there are a sufficient number of shareholders and proxy holders in attendance to constitute a quorum. The scrutineers have also informed me that the number of shares to be voted by proxy against matters to be presented to this meeting is less than 5% of the Class A shares outstanding. Accordingly, to expedite the voting, we will conduct it by a show of hands.

I now declare this annual meeting to be regularly called and properly constituted for the transaction of business. As noted in the information circular, only holders of Class A shares or their proxy holders are entitled to vote on the matters at today's meeting. Holders of Class B shares are, however, entitled and encouraged to participate in discussions during the meeting. The first item of business is a presentation of the company's 2011 annual report and consolidated statements. I now formally present to the meeting -- these items to the meeting, including the report of the external auditors, KPMG. I would ask that any questions from shareholders on the financial statements be held until after the senior management presentations later in the meeting.

Before proceeding with the election of company directors to serve going forward, I would like to recognize in honor of 2 long-time directors of our board, who are not standing for reelection this year. First is Ron Besse. Ron has been a Rogers Communications board member since 1984. In addition to his work on other board committees over the years, Ron has chaired the Audit Committee since year 2000. Ron had an illustrious and very successful career as an entrepreneur in the Canadian publishing sector, and he brought that experience to bear in all aspects of his role on the board. He was direct in his approach and someone who's input was valued by both management and the board. Ron's contributions over the company -- to the company over the years have been significant, and we greatly appreciate the value he has added over the nearly 3 decades of service as a Director. Second is Colin Watson. Colin began his career in the early deals of the cable industry with Canadian Cable Systems, which subsequently was acquired by Rogers. Colin was president of Rogers Cable for over 17 years. Colin left the cable industry in 1996 of what was a successfully career in the aerospace sector, but he never strayed far from Rogers, and he returned to be become a Director of Rogers Cable and then of the Rogers Communications board. Over a span of more than 30 years as an executive, a director and a friend of the company, Colin has been a steady business partner who has contributed greatly to the growth and development of Rogers. Again, his many contributions cannot be overstated. Please join me in thanking Ron and Colin for their outstanding service to Rogers.

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