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) -- Fall television premiers continue to be hot searches, with four shows trending on Google.

Pan Am

premiered on ABC last night, bringing Christina Ricci to the small screen.

The show is set in the 1960s

and chronicles the lives of stewardesses.

Pan Am


Playboy Club

and the revival of

Charlie's Angels

, as shows trying to piggyback off the success of

Mad Men


Boardwalk Empire

also returned to HBO last night, hoping to reverse some negative criticism from last season, with many deeming the series "boring" and overrated.

The Good Wife

, which picked up an Emmy for best actress in a drama earlier in the month, is being reinvented by


(CBS) - Get Free Report

. The legal drama, starring Julianna Margulies, is adopting a new, sexier image.

CBS has pinpointed

The Good Wife

as a high priority for the fall.

Fox is hoping Steven Spielberg's

Terra Nova

will be a hit, after the highly anticipated premier of

The X-Factor

fell short in ratings, and


lost viewers when it returned last week.

The big-budget drama, which is being compared to

Jurassic Park

, is set in the future, where the future of the Earth and its species is in danger. The only hope is to return to the pre-historic age to fix the wrongs of civilization before they occur.

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