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Oil and Water

Mark Veverka of the

San Francisco Chronicle

proposes that Congress could bolster the ol' federal coffers by charging for access to the

Ken Starr

report -- "given that sports, sex and financial news are the few things capable of making money on the Web."

That's fine with

Bob Metcalfe

, founder of


(COMS) - Get ComSovereign Holding Corp. Report

. The

Washington Post

reports that Metcalfe will soon be associated with the idea of "pay as you go" Internet use.


Los Angeles Times

peeks into

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TheStreet Recommends

RDL Space's

latest project, launching the first "commercial satellite that uses radar to see the planet's surface through clouds, bushes and even darkness."

It must not be too hot in Hong Kong for



. The company plans to open two luxury hotels in HK despite oversupply and the region's economic woes. In the

South China Morning Post


Shaw Communications

(SJR) - Get Shaw Communications Inc. Report

is going digital in a deal struck with


. The

Canadian Learning Television



- the

Entertainment Information Station

will go digital beginning in 1999, reports the

Financial Post News


The government of Switzerland is counting on its neutrality to bring its flotation of the state-owned telecommunications company


through the negative waters of global stock markets. The


reports that the Swisscom floatation will be Europe's biggest this year.

There's no luck of the Irish for

Fruit of the Loom


. The

Irish Times

reports that "the future of up to 700 jobs in Donegal and Derry broke up without conclusion last night, as the Tanaiste, Ms. Harney and the chairman of Fruit of the Loom, Mr. Bill Farley, failed to agree on a way forward."

Technological research is flourishing in the incubator known as Israel thanks to the government's involvement, according to the

Chicago Tribune


Political Passings


Dallas Morning News

has the full story on the passing of

George Wallace

, the former Alabama governor.

Jessica Ledgerwood

, a 69-year old housewife from the town of Norman, Okla., has overcome a number of obstacles to get to the Democratic primary runoff -- death being the biggest. The senatorial candidate died of a heart attack on July 15, but was able to get enough votes in the Aug. 25 election to advance to the primary. Also in the

South China Morning Post