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Mutual Funds Inflows/Outflows

Investors stuffed a little more than $1.3 billion into equity funds during the two business days ended Feb. 5, estimates

, a firm that tracks fund inflows and outflows.

Were it not for heavy inflows on Friday, Feb. 2, however, TrimTabs estimates that fund flows would have been negative for the two days ended Feb. 5. Indeed, TrimTabs estimates that investors pulled $5.3 billion out of equity funds on Monday.

For the two business days ended Feb. 5, equity funds in the U.S. fared much better than funds that invest overseas. Investors poured almost $1.9 billion into U.S. equity funds while investors withdrew $575 million from international equity funds.

For the two days ended Feb. 5, the

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took a big hit and fell 5%; the

S&P 500

, meanwhile, lost 1.4% and the


slipped 0.2%.