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) -- Hot searches on the Internet Tuesday include "Midway" after the Illinois House approved a large gambling expansion in Illinois, including potential slot machines at Chicago's two airports - Midway and O'Hare.

The expansion, which also includes new casinos in Chicago and its suburbs and slot machines to racetracks, now moves to the Senate. The Senate has embraced casino expansion packages as recently as December. If the Senate approves the legislation, the focus will turn to what Gov. Pat Quinn decides to do. Quinn is in favor of a city casino, though he has vowed not to allow Illinois to be transformed into the "Las Vegas of the Midwest."'

"E. coli" and "cucumber" are popular searches Tuesday after a bacterial outbreak in Europe killed 14 people in Germany and sickened hundreds. Germany blamed the outbreak on organically grown cucumbers imported from Spain, but representatives from Spain deny any proof or evidence behind the accusation.

Numerous cases have been reported in Austria, Britain, Denmark, the Netherlands and Sweden -- even three were found in the United States. Russia has banned all imports of fresh vegetables from Spain and Germany, and said if the situation doesn't change the country will block vegetable products from the entire European Union.

Another search topic Tuesday is "nuclear shutdown." Germany decided on Monday to phase out all nuclear power by 2022. The decision, which could face legal challenges from energy companies, was prompted by the nuclear disaster in Japan in March.

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Germany will need to find 22% of its electricity needs that were covered by nuclear power from other sources. While Germany hopes to be a trailblazer in this regard, France, Europe's biggest nuclear producer, said it isn't ready to follow suit and give up nuclear energy.

"The Titanic" is a hot trend Tuesday -- it's the 100th anniversary of the ill-fated ocean liner's launch from Belfast. The Lord Mayor of Belfast and local dignitaries attended a religious service on the docks and set off a flare at the precise time of the launch to mark exactly a century from the time the ship set sail.

An exhibition featuring Titanic artifacts, some never seen, also opens in Northern Ireland Tuesday.

The Titanic sank after hitting an iceberg during her maiden transatlantic voyage, and lost more than 1,500 of her passengers. The last remaining survivor of the sinking, Millvina Dean, who was only nine weeks old when the ship sank, died two years ago at 97 years old.

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