Microsoft and Intel's Relationship Gets Rocky; British Beef Woes

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U.S. Business

The Washington Post

reports that the lucrative relationship between


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may soon be strained. Intel is developing new technologies that will support a range of software operating systems other than Windows.

the Houston Chronicle

reports that



is straying from


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. Compaq will be offering a $999 consumer PC with a 233-megahertz chip from

Advance Micro Devices

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sometime after January 1st. As the number one PC maker in the world, Compaq is also Intel's top customer.

According to the

Chicago Sun-Times

, Chicago area casino owners are threatening to downsize after this week's passage of a tax increase on gambling revenues.



has postponed building a $27 billion hotel in Joliet, while

Empress Casino

, also in Joliet, will have to lay off an undetermined number of workers. Down-state Casinos will benefit from the new graduated tax scale due to their depressed revenues.

Business Abroad

The collapse of

Yamaichi Securities

may be just the beginning of major failures in Japan, according to the

Times of London


Samuel Brittan writing in the

Financial Times

(free registration required -- click


to register) reports on why the "Asian Model" as a system of organization may not be the best system for Western countries to fear, or imitate.

Beef Lovers' Special!


Times of London

and the

Financial Times

report that the British Government has banned all sales of beef on the bone on the grounds that it could cause Creuzfeldt-Jakob disease. Aggravating an already struggling farming industry, the ban will also disappoint those Brits looking forward to the Christmas roast with their Yorkshire Pudding.

Meanwhile, the

Kansas City Star

reports that the F.D.A. has issued a decision that would allow meat processors to irradiate beef for increased food safety.