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Merger Madness and a Contest!

Merger Madness


Boston Globe

reports that

Harcourt General


will acquire medical publisher



Times Mirror


, making it the world's leading publisher of medical information.

Once, twice, three times a merger... The

Washington Post

talks with marketing professors Raj Sisodia of

George Mason University

and Jagdish Sheth of

Emory University

about their forthcoming book,

The Rule of Three

. The book argues that "in any mature market, three giant companies generally wind up with at least 60% of the business."


South China Morning Post

reports that

Citic Pacific

is close to finalizing its eagerly awaited Chinese mainland power joint venture with utility

CLP Holdings


Ahhh, the sweet smell of a megamerger! Well, maybe not. The


reports that

Seton Healthcare

, a company whose strength is in incontinency products, such as drainage and colostomy bags, and


, the footcare people, plan to merge to create a health-care giant for the more mature customer. "Iain Cater, chief executive of Seton, said: 'The good news in society is that we are living longer. The bad news is that more is going wrong with us. We have never been shy of selling to the elderly.' "

"I thought geez,


-- what the heck do they want with us?" said Chip Schulz, a worker at



Belvidere, Ill., plant. Check out what the workers at Chrysler's Neon assembly plant in Belvidere have to say. In the

Chicago Tribune



San Jose Mercury News

reports that "

Digital Equipment


is preparing to lay off as many as 15,000 employees when its merger with

Compaq Computer


is completed." Both companies are expected to make significant workforce reductions as the result of the merger.

Just Plain Madness

Whatever happened to protesting through your vote? The


reports that "a cleaner at a village hall in Romania faces charges of witchcraft after being caught burning a candle on a stone and cursing council leaders. The mayor sacked her and confiscated her broom."


Computer rage

." It's here, it's real and chances are you've already experienced it. Heed this very special

Boston Globe


It would be different if the E in EU stood for Ernie... Rubber ducks may soon be banned from European bathtubs following a


report that says bath toys, teethers and other PVC products are often made using phthalates, which can cause long-term harm if they get into the bloodstream. Also in the

South China Morning Post


An Articles Elsewhere Contest!

Once again,

Articles Elsewhere

has found a picture with a completely inappropriate caption. Today's victim:

The Kansas City Star

. Capture the excitement of the Daimler Benz-Chrysler merger by giving this


the zingy, zany caption it deserves. A


baseball hat could be yours!

Sehr schick

, as the Germans might say. Entries must be received no later than midnight EDT, May 7. Winners will be announced in Friday's Articles Elsewhere. Send all entries to Good luck!