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There was change in this week's edition of the market-cap leaders list, but all of it occured in the bottom half of the top 10.

No companies changed positions in the first five slots, but there was movement in the second group of five. After



earnings miss last week, it fell two spots, to the No. 8 position; during the week, it shed $52 billion in market cap.



, meanwhile, shed $15 billion, but moved up two places, to the No. 6 spot.

BP Amoco

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made its debut this week in the No. 9 spot; and



, a familiar name on the list, departed.

General Electric


is still the most highly valued stock in the market -- it now has a market cap of $452.4 billion.

For the period ended Feb. 9, the top-10 stocks had a combined market cap of $2.68 trillion, down $100 billion from the week before.

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