Racing great Mario Andretti's name is synonymous with speed, perfect handling of high-powered Indy Cars and winning. 

So, is it any real shocker the sports icon isn't a fan of autonomous cars?

"Don't talk to me about self-driving cars, you are talking to the wrong guy," Andretti told TheStreet in an interview from his Pennsylvania estate. But, Andretti is well aware that self-driving cars are likely the future in this hyper-connected world where people would rather take selfies instead of steering an SUV.

"You will not stop progress with technology -- it [self-driving cars] will have its use, and it's coming whether you like it or not."

The shift towards self-driving cars on roads could happen quicker than most think. 

Loop Ventures founder Gene Munster estimates that beginning in 2028, the auto industry will see an influx in demand for fully autonomous cars. The auto industry will go from shipping 98,000 full autonomous vehicles in 2020 to 96.3 million in 2040, or a 41% compound annual growth rate over that time, according to Munster's research.

In case you are wondering, Andretti has an amazing new Lamborghini parked in his garage...not a Tesla (TSLA) - Get Report .

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