Life's Little Annoyances

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They're not infomercials, they're infotainment: The

Miami Herald

takes a look at the burgeoning South Florida industry which produces such fine fare for "respectable cable channels" like


, the

Discovery Channel

and the

Learning Channel


If there's anything more annoying than politicians' campaign ads, it's the recent barrage of ads for search engines. The

San Francisco Chronicle




as its stock pick of the week.

Tonight on


, the most dramatic


ever as the Y2K bug affects every piece of equipment at County General. Workers at

Advocate Health Care

outside of Chicago won't be sipping champagne, but sweating bullets as they are expected to be on duty Dec. 31, 1999 -- just in case of problems -- reports the

Chicago Sun-Times


Make sure to check out a Y2K chat with West Coast Bureau Chief

Cory Johnson

Tuesday on


at 5 p.m. EDT. Register at


It's a fall fixture in the '90s workplace, and it couldn't be more annoying. The

Philadelphia Inquirer

takes a look at the ever-irritating world of school fundraisers and the parents who get involved.

Making a mountain out of a mushroom cloud: The

St. Petersburg Times

reports that a "mysterious Dagestani-registered company has convinced a court to open bankruptcy proceedings against the federally owned

Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant

." While it is unclear what bankrupting a state-owned power plant would mean to Russia, it is clear that it will spawn some great humor: "The most popular joke here is whether an auctioneer can be found to sell the reactors to

Saddam Hussein


Yasser Arafat



Seattle Times

looks at the bright side of the lawsuit brought against


(MSFT) - Get Report

by the

Department of Justice

-- lots of free publicity.