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, we don't claim to know what makes a great broker. Our writers can't even own stocks. Instead, we're asking the folks who know the online brokers best -- you, our readers -- to assess the industry's players.

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When we finish analyzing the results of this survey, we'll be ready to tell you which online brokers stand head and shoulders above the crowd, and which have given their clients the most grief.

We'll break out the results based on investor preferences so you can figure out which broker is best for your style.

We'll uncover larger industry trends as well. We'll determine whether such features as Level II Nasdaq quotes and access to proprietary research -- once considered top-of-the-line luxuries -- have become trading necessities. We'll see how effective all the heavy-duty advertising and marketing gimmicks have been in attracting and keeping investors. And we'll have some sense of the prospects for the big, brand-name firms that have recently entered the online fray.

By letting everyone in on the results, we may just hasten the shakeout long expected in the industry.

So, thanks to all of you who took the time to fill in the survey. And thanks to everyone who is voting now. Investors do know best. The final results of our online broker survey will reflect a new level of collective wisdom.

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