Jim Cramer's Stop Trading! Yes on Yamana

It's still the best growth stock in the sector, he says.
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Yamana Gold

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is the "great growth story in gold" despite Thursday's downgrade-fueled decline, Jim Cramer said on


's "Stop Trading!" segment.

Cramer said another downgrade that bears further consideration is Goldman Sachs' decision to cut defense contractor


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to buy. Cramer called the report "rigorous" but said the essential argument was that Raytheon is the most expensive stock among the five major defense players. Cramer didn't take issue with that but said the group is doing so well vis a vis other industries that it would be unwise to sell the stock now.

Cramer said he likes

General Mills

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, lauding its strong management. But he worries that the U.S. ethanol push will be "futile" in reducing the nation's dependence of foreign oil and additionally will lead to damaging inflation in corn prices.

At the time of publication, Cramer had no position in stocks mentioned.

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