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Jim Cramer's Stop Trading! SunTrust Shines

Cramer is looking at U.S. banks again in the wake of a big merger.
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Monday's huge European banking deal makes


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Fifth Third

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"worth a look," Jim Cramer said on


's "Stop Trading!" segment.

Cramer said the $91 billion linkup of


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ABN Amro


warrants a review of possible buyout candidates among the midtier U.S. bankers. Cramer also said he wishes

Bank of America

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, fresh off Monday's $21 billion buy of ABN's LaSalle unit, "would spend a couple days not acquiring something." He said he believes the bank is "addicted" to deals, and he warns that "there is no 12-step program for what Bank of America is doing."

Cramer also is taking another look at


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in the wake of Monday's $16 billion tie-up between


(AZN) - Get Report




. Cramer said the deal, at first blush a case of massive overpayment on the part of AstraZeneca, could prompt a "radical revaluation" of rivals Celgene and Cephalon, which could turn out to be "way undervalued" by the Medimmune standard.

Cramer is less taken by


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claim that its sales are being hit by the mortgage meltdown. Cramer notes that retail sales have remained robust, and he believes that the rising price of gasoline may be further depressing sales of the sport utility vehicles that GM and


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have been pitching to the exclusion of all else in recent years.

At the time of publication, Cramer had no position in stocks mentioned.

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