Jim Cramer's Stop Trading! NYSE Headed Way Up

Cramer says the exchange's shares could hit $250.
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Shares of the NYSE Group (NYX) could see $250, Jim Cramer said on his Stop Trading! segment on CNBC Wednesday.

"The bears tried to force the stock down initially," Cramer said. "This stock is going much higher. The bears really hate me for that."

Cramer said the pending acquisition of


is "gonna be a immediately accretive."

"We know how the


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did. The NYSE has really lagged. ... I think it hasn't caught fire yet and I think it will."

Cramer said he likes

Yamana Gold

(AUY) - Get Report

because it bought a huge chunk of



and "they got gold out the ying-ying."

Cramer said he preferred




US Airways



"I would ring the register and go into UAUA."

As for


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, Cramer said "the stock goes to $6 in the next 18 months" after signing a deal with Harvey Weinstein to carry his movies. Cramer said he had "hated it from 80 down to 4."

"There's room for both Blockbuster and


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Finally, Cramer said, "Don't forget

Master Card

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. He called it "the Jackie Wilson stock, higher and higher."

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