Jim Cramer looked at some of the names in Fidelity's newly reopened Magellan fund on CNBC's "Stop Trading!" segment Monday.

"I've known Harry Lange for close to 20 years. ... He's a fabulous manager," Cramer said. What's more, "Harry's names are so right given the selloffs that we've had."

Cramer believes one of the fund's names,


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, is underrated. "Nokia just went down ... under a misperception that it was getting killed. Nokia is the winner."

Cramer added that search behemoth


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is "just resting" ahead of its earnings report.



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, Cramer said "Everyone is panicking." Cramer owns Corning for his charitable trust,

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Cramer couldn't get behind all of Magellan's names, however. "The one that is the true glass-half-full for him and half-empty for me is



. I just don't like retail at all."

To conclude, Cramer reaffirmed his belief in energy and agriculture plays, saying that

Canadian Natural Resources

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was "so right." He added that


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John Deere

(DE) - Get Report







are still solid stocks.

At the time of publication, Cramer was long Corning.

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