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Jim Cramer's Stop Trading! Buy Deere

The trader loves the ag complex.




, Jim Cramer said Monday on


Stop Trading! segment.

Cramer said the agricultural market remains upbeat and "one of the most bullish stories" anywhere. He said the gains being made at Deere will be good for other farm stocks such as






. Cramer also said kudos to top managers at cereal giants

General Mills



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, who have kept earnings rising despite hefty food inflation.

Cramer is less bullish on



, which he says is less well managed than rivals like Deere.

Cramer also said it's time to let some of the oil stocks come down and then buy them, despite recession talk stateside. Cramer said he would think about buying oil service names such as



because energy demand is driven much more by overseas economies than by the U.S.

Cramer believes negativity is overdone in the market right now, which is why






are worth a look on Monday's upside guidance and product announcement news, respectively.

At the time of publication, Cramer had no positions in stocks mentioned.

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