Stocks are showing some key patterns right now, and investors are wondering whether the U.S. will enter a deflationary environment, according to TheStreet's Jim Cramer.

"First, investors see deflation coming, not inflation, despite whatever discordant hawks from the Fed say or what the consumer price index indicates," Cramer wrote this week on Real Money.

The investment guru sees other themes emerging, including the "fear that central bank tactics to relieve deflation will lead to inflation." He also said that "some are willing to stretch for yield in a low-yielding world" and that "some see a nascent industrial turnaround or believe certain managements can navigate the moment better than others."

Cramer said that of the turnarounds and "secular growth stories out there," few "inspire aggressive buying." That said, some stocks are "twice blessed and are probably the best place to begin."

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To that end, investors are seeking safety in the consumer packaged goods industry. "Which stocks seem to have it all right now? It's the consumer packaged goods segment where people are buying into a deflationary environment where there's yield and even conceivably a weaker dollar, although I am not yet willing to call that a trend," Cramer wrote.

Cramer has identified 17 consumer packaged goods stocks that have strong supporting charts. Read on to find out what Cramer thinks of these stocks and whether they are worth considering for your portfolio.