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, your source for trusted, original and timely financial news. Whether you're an options buff, technical trader, buy-and-hold stock-picker, mutual fund investor or simply a Wall Street watcher, we've got the news and analysis you need. This tour shows you the highlights of our sites and brings you up to speed on our latest improvements.

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. is updated as frequently as the news demands. An exclusively online financial news source,


doesn't have to "hold" breaking news to supply fodder for a dead-tree or broadcast edition. When we've got it, you've got it.

At the top right of our page, and every section page, sits our quick-loading interactive index ticker, which updates automatically every five minutes. Quotes are in real time, and the time stamp is located in the top left corner of the box. If you click on the chart icon below each index's label, you'll see a chart of its recent activity right above.

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sections (plus our home page) through the nav bar on the upper left of every page. That handy device means that no matter how deep in you get, you can always find your way around.

Everything you see on the main site at is free to all comers, all the time.

  • is for active investors and market enthusiasts who seek high-level, real-time commentary, plus special interactive features for subscribers. Our subscription site puts you at the heart of the financial world, with real-time analysis and unprecedented access to our award-winning columnists. Try it free for 30 days. It's the only place you'll find Jim Cramer and Herb Greenberg in real time.
  • Newsletters from offers market insight and investing ideas on technology stocks, IPOs, stock-split opportunities and large-cap stocks. These newsletters are delivered weekly to your in-box. Or sign up for a free, twice-daily market update. Click here to register.


If you're pressed for time and looking to see what


has published most recently, this section can help. It offers a chronological list of the day's headlines, as well as easy access to print multiple stories simultaneously.


This section offers consistent, as-it-happens coverage from before the bell until after the close. We track stocks and indices in our flagship markets piece. The Market Story, updated hourly from before the open until we wrap up the session after the close. We also track the bond market in Bond Focus, published daily at the close. The Market Briefing section offers a quick look at the trading day, including currency coverage. Brett D. Fromson, TSC's chief markets writer, writes On the Level, a sharply observed Monday-through-Thursday piece shredding light on market topics you need to know about. When things are really going nuts, or when we simply have more to say, we write special features. On Fridays, Aaron L. Task takes a look back at the past five trading sessions in What a Week, and on Sundays we look ahead with The Coming Week.


Which online brokers are winning customers, and why? Are small biotechs or big pharma a better bet these days? Those are the kinds of questions you'll find addressed in Stock News. Our daily Options Buzz feature also is posted here.


This sector is growing, on the Street and on

. In this section, you'll find news and analysis from our technology reporters in New York and San Francisco on hardware, software, chips, networkers, telecoms, the Internet and more. You'll also find commentators like longtime tech watcher

Jim Seymour



From manager moves to fee hikes to portfolio picks gone awry, funds are an action-packed world that enjoys daily attention at

. Throughout the day, we also capture breaking fund news. And don't miss Personal Finance Focus, a Saturday package of personal finance news and views.

You'll find a full helping of columnists.

John Rubino

offers practical stock investing tips in his weekly column, Stock Strategies. In Momentum Trading, Ken Wolff, CEO of

, offers a daytrader's view of the markets each Monday. And Mark Ingebretsen spotlights useful software tools and Web sites for online investors and traders each Saturday in Tools of the Trade.


This is


op-ed page, where you'll find incisive viewpoints on everything from airline stocks to the economy, from fundamental to technical analysis. The section features many free columns from


staffers and outside contributors, and commentary from

is published free on the main


site 24 hours after it first appears on


Adam Lashinsky

offers the buzz from Silicon Valley at least three times a week. Our at-home trader and technician,

Gary B. Smith

, writes five days a week.

We've also got

Jim Griffin

on macro matters.

Helene Meisler

weighs in with the chartist's outlook each day, while

Chris Edmonds

covers REITs and utilities. And that's just a taste of an ever-expanding menu.


This section gathers


coverage of the international scene in one place. Check for the latest news and investment ideas in Asia/Pacific, Latin America, Russia/Eastern Europe and emerging markets.


This section contains all of


extensive analytic/research tools, in an interface that gets you down to the facts and figures in no time.

Stock and fund quotes are available from the home page and main section pages via the Tools/Quotes box in the upper-right corner, where you can enter a ticker symbol right away. Or you can click on Tools/Quotes in the main nav bar. That link will take you to the

Tools main page, which gives you access to all the resources along with descriptions on using them.

Want charts? Type in a ticker, select the Charts tab and go! Find intraday and historical charts for more than 24,000 stocks, funds and indices, with all sorts of choices for type of chart, time frame and indicators. How have your stocks done against the


-- or one another? It's all right there.

Also located in the Tools/Quotes section are

options quotes; a

profile of the company with links to its Web site and investor relations info;

company financials, including income, balance sheet and cash flow statements; earnings estimates from

First Call/Thomson Financial

; data on insider and institutional ownership and short interest; and SEC filings from

Edgar Online


In funds, you can find

fund quotes with data, updated daily, on everything from performance information back five years to the minimum investment to that trusty 800 number; and

fund scoreboards, which reveal who's leading, and who's lagging, in each fund category.

Finally, if you're looking to get a jump on your next investment, check out our

IPO data from

. This section includes a calendar of companies expected to go public this week and the following week; pricing information; and profiles with important background about the company, its executive team, products and financing plans. Once the company's public, you can check the aftermarket section to see how its stock is performing since the IPO. And if you can't find a company listed, go to the search page and dig in.


If you've got your eye on numbers, this

section gives you everything you need in one place. All kinds of statistics, data and reports pour into the market every day, and


brings you the data you need most. Whether you're interested in market sentiment, sector action or individual stock moves, we're collecting and updating the most relevant figures for you in the Metrics section.


Missed out on one of our comprehensive packages? This

section assembles a collection of our greatest hits - from the latest features to permanent investor resources.


Find out which


staffers will be appearing soon in online chats, on the tube and at events. This section also contains links to transcripts from


online chats.


This section is aimed at new investors, as well as those looking to beef up their knowledge of Wall Street. You can find columns and primers aimed at beginners and more in-depth help. Puzzled by puts vs. calls and other market terms? Look them up in



Jim Cramer's

"Wrong!" Library is also housed here, along with many of his teaching columns.



Portfolio Tracker lets you create multiple portfolios that track long and short positions, mutual funds and options.


Ever since

debuted, we've made it our mission to stay in touch with our readers. In our Letters section, we aim to do just that. Here we publish your reactions to our site, from stories you love to stories you hate. If you want to tell us something or read what your fellow subscribers are thinking, come on over to Letters.

We've arrived at the end of the official


Tour. Now, where to begin?

For a new investor

: If you're starting with funds, check out the

Personal Finance section. Explore the Lipper Analytical Services data in


Starting with stocks?

Turn to

Stock News for some ideas, then pursue your research in

Tools/Quotes. Quotes include the company phone number for contacting investor relations. And you can pull up the latest quarterly and annual reports from Edgar-Online.

If you're more experienced

, you're probably looking not only for ideas (in Stock News) but also strategies. For technical analysis, try our Regulars -- like Technician's Take on Mondays, Charted Territory on Wednesdays and the Chartist each day.

For newbies and the experienced alike



Investing Basics section is designed to help you get answers to your questions, both simple and complex. We publish a variety of forums that take reader questions and answer them in print. If you've got questions about the arcane world of puts, calls, spreads and straddles, shoot them to our Options Forum, which runs Saturdays, at For help deciphering technical indicators of all stripes, email


columnist Gary B. Smith, host of the Technical Forum, at The Tech Forum appears Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Finally, if you're a big-picture person, there's the daily markets coverage. Also check out Jim Griffin's macroeconomics column on Sundays and


Editor-in-Chief Dave Kansas' occasional Editor's Letter.

If you have any other questions, or suggestions that would improve your TSC experience, we want to hear from you! Contact us at